Can’t I have my coffee first?

“Why? Why don’t I have a normal life or normal family? Where we make chocolate chip cookies? And no one fights? How come my family is all alcoholics and druggies with issues?”

This was the question that was asked of me by my student first thing in the morning. He was starting off his day with a mega meltdown. I had not even touched my coffee nor did I have the answer to his rhetorical question. I took a deep breath, folded my arms on the table and placed my head on them. All I could do was just stare at him as he vented about his dysfunctional family . How many times has that crossed my head, that was all that I thought. How come I had to be deprived of a childhood, be riddled with divorce, abuse and neglect. I pushed my issues aside, picked up my head and told him the only answer that I had for myself.

“Because, one day someone is going to ask you the same question you just asked me, and you will be able to look them in the eye and say “I know, it sucks but you were put on this path so that you can understand and help the people that have a harder road ahead of them. People will be able to trust you because they will see in your eyes, that you are OK now and that have been there yourself”.

After I said that, he looked at me for a moment and than nodded in an understanding manner. He plans on being a counselor one day. Now if I could only end every meltdown before first period.


One response to “Can’t I have my coffee first?

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