The Case of the Rogue Ketchup Packet

The following is a true story of my first day at work.

It was a hot muggy day, a perfect day to wear white. As my co-worker got up to grab a napkin, I could not help but notice the red marks all over her behind on her white pants. I yelled at her and pointed to the broken packet of Ketchup and pointed towards her butt.

No! No! Are you kidding me? You have got to be joking! These are the statements that she kept on saying after she found out. It was like a magic mantra she kept repeating to herself, hoping it would take the faux-bloody mess out of her before Labor Day white pants.

Unfortunately, she had sat in the ONLY spot of ketchup at the park and since it was ninety degrees out, no one had a shirt to tie around her waist. Suddenly, it happened! The kids all noticed it and did not “buy” the story of it being ketchup. Every person that passed her by, would tell her of the “fill in the blank” on the back of her pants and follow it along with grimace.

That was one hell of a way to start off the year and get every kid to know who you are in one fatal swoop. Because life always gives us lessons, the one I take from this is : Always check for rogue ketchup packets before sitting.


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