Please don’t stop the Music


For so many of us it is essential to our being and can affect us at our core. It has been the fabric that has designed our lives. Music is the one art form that can bring tears to my eyes and in the next moment fuel me to run a 5K. Music can inspire, motivate, uplift and at some times sadden us. When I listen to a song from my past, I am immediately transcended into that time period and reminisce about my life.

Music can unite people that have different beliefs and traditions. It can bring an understanding and can create a culture, sometimes even a cult-like following (Grateful Dead).

Sometimes I like to get lost in music, especially after a long, hard day. I like to listen to my iPod and lose myself in the voices that are not my own. It is amazing how you can feel after listening to a good song.

One of the most touching gifts I can receive is a playlist or CD  that incorporates songs that are reminiscant of times that I have had with that person. This lets me relive those moments in time, what an excellent and priceless gift. Not only does it remind me how much those times meant to me, but it shows that it did for the other person. It was a synergistic moment that we shared together and can be shared once more when I shut my eyes and let the music and memories flow. For me, it is the greatest gift and also one of the most thoughtful.

It is amazing how music has morphed over the course of its life time. It has grown with the ages and incorporated new genres. I look forward to seeing what it will become during the course of my lifetime.

What does Music mean to you?


One response to “Please don’t stop the Music

  1. I actually have a song associated with every girl that I have ever dated. It’s funny how that happens.

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