Assume= Ass outta U and ME

Never assume anything.

The old saying, when you assume something you make an ass out of you and me, is quite true. It is extremely hard to not assume, especially when someone is not communicating to you but how are you helping a person to learn to communicate if you are always finishing their sentences/thoughts based on your assumptions.

An assumption is really your spin or interpretation of someone else. I liken it to the game that we played as kids, “telephone”. We get information that is told from the perspective of someone else, not from the direct source. Not only is this assumed information skewed, but in most cases, we believe it to be the truth and react to tainted information. We have to feel justified and know WHY someone is doing something, so we assume we know the answer. Why is it so hard to instead of assuming, ask the person what they mean? Why do we run away from getting clear information from the source?

The worst part about assuming, is that we assume that people view the world in the same way that WE DO. We do not take into account their life experiences, their journey or who/what makes up the person. Moreover, we do not think about the other person’s feelings. That person’s value is immediately taken away the second you make an assumption about them. Lastly, when we do this, we are still left sitting with disinformation.

Next time you would like to know something, ask the person. Communication is key in any relationship. The more you get clear cut information from the source, the stronger that relationship will grow. Get rid of the spiderwebs (assumptions) and  the healthier your relationships will be in the future.


2 responses to “Assume= Ass outta U and ME

  1. Excellent! I definitely agree with you. I like your writing style. Great topic. Keep it up! Take care, A.

  2. Learning to listen – without preconceived expectations – is really a skill. Nice article!


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