Are your pants on fire?

To say that it angers me when people decide to redefine a lie so that it  work for them would be an understatement. The definition of a lie is something that is not true. It is not that difficult to understand. I am not sure where the difficulty lies within this definition and where people might get lost.  Also, I am not sure why you would expect someone whom you lie to, will not question:  1) why you lied 2) what else you could be lying about. This is especially troublesome if the lie was not a big one. Lots of little lies can be worse than one lie. Why? Simple, you have now become a compulsive liar. You will be known as someone that is not truthful with information and that instead of honoring and respecting the person you are with, you opt with lying to their face so that it will not be “annoying” or hard on you.  So, that would mean that instead of dealing with an annoying truth to face, you exchange it with being known as a liar in your relationship.  Bravo!


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