How to Cure a Hangover

So you have gone out for the night with your pals and had a fantastic time!  Unfortunately, now it’s the next day and you want to die from the hangover. So, what do you do? I am in no shape or form a doctor, this post is about different ways to help cure a hangover or at least help you get through the day. Feel free to leave a comment of your “cure for a hangover”.

If you can remember, try and drink as MUCH water BEFORE you go to bed. Even better, try to drink water before you leave the bar. I know that they say to drink water in between you drinks, but  I have never done that and always forget to try. Also, it doesn’t hurt to take some aspirin or advil before hitting the sack.

My personal cure for the hangover blues, is to drink lots of gatorade and get a hamburger and fries. I feel like the Gatorade provides you with electrolytes and rehydrates you faster than ordinary water.  Hamburger and fries coat your stomach with grease and for me is a comfort thing. I am not sure what the grease does or how it helps, I am not a hamburger expert (more of a burrito expert).

Well this afternoon on Twitter I decided to tweet and ask “How do you cure a hangover” and here is what I got back:


4 responses to “How to Cure a Hangover

  1. watermelon…especially if you are having a violent hangover…

  2. if you like thai food drunk noodles…cuz it soaks up all the alcohol.

    your site is awesome!
    can we exchange blogrolls

  3. Salt Tabs work well for me. Take 1 before bed. its beautiful!

  4. Teresa Compolongo

    The next morning eat very “burnt” toast!

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