How to Cure a Hangover

So you have gone out for the night with your pals and had a fantastic time!  Unfortunately, now it’s the next day and you want to die from the hangover. So, what do you do? I am in no shape or form a doctor, this post is about different ways to help cure a hangover or at least help you get through the day. Feel free to leave a comment of your “cure for a hangover”.

If you can remember, try and drink as MUCH water BEFORE you go to bed. Even better, try to drink water before you leave the bar. I know that they say to drink water in between you drinks, but  I have never done that and always forget to try. Also, it doesn’t hurt to take some aspirin or advil before hitting the sack.

My personal cure for the hangover blues, is to drink lots of gatorade and get a hamburger and fries. I feel like the Gatorade provides you with electrolytes and rehydrates you faster than ordinary water.  Hamburger and fries coat your stomach with grease and for me is a comfort thing. I am not sure what the grease does or how it helps, I am not a hamburger expert (more of a burrito expert).

Well this afternoon on Twitter I decided to tweet and ask “How do you cure a hangover” and here is what I got back:


Are your pants on fire?

To say that it angers me when people decide to redefine a lie so that it  work for them would be an understatement. The definition of a lie is something that is not true. It is not that difficult to understand. I am not sure where the difficulty lies within this definition and where people might get lost.  Also, I am not sure why you would expect someone whom you lie to, will not question:  1) why you lied 2) what else you could be lying about. This is especially troublesome if the lie was not a big one. Lots of little lies can be worse than one lie. Why? Simple, you have now become a compulsive liar. You will be known as someone that is not truthful with information and that instead of honoring and respecting the person you are with, you opt with lying to their face so that it will not be “annoying” or hard on you.  So, that would mean that instead of dealing with an annoying truth to face, you exchange it with being known as a liar in your relationship.  Bravo!

What’s Your Priority?

Priorities. They are what we value more than anything and drives us.

It seems that sometimes, people get so consumed in their own worlds that they do not take a step out of them to reflect on how the people that co-exist in their world are affected.

Personally, I feel that relationships with those you care about should be at the top of your list. Money, power, jobs, etc. that can all be gone in a flash (especially in this economy) but what does remain steadfast are our relationships.

If you are not “performing” in these relationships, the loss is much greater. You end up losing your support system and irreplaceable relationships.

It is imperative to have your walk match your talk. If you are telling someone that they are a priority, well then SHOW  them it. Do not continue with your routine of taking care of your needs first. Take time out of your schedule to do the small simple things that show that your thoughts are with them. Be thoughtful in your actions. Remember, sometimes it is the little things that matter. This can include just jotting down a note or sending a text.  Showing someone that they matter to you does not cost money, just your time. It seems that many people feel that they do not have the money to spend on “showing” that they care. Really, if you ask the other person in the relationship, they would just like reminders that they are special to you and you appreciate them.

Assume= Ass outta U and ME

Never assume anything.

The old saying, when you assume something you make an ass out of you and me, is quite true. It is extremely hard to not assume, especially when someone is not communicating to you but how are you helping a person to learn to communicate if you are always finishing their sentences/thoughts based on your assumptions.

An assumption is really your spin or interpretation of someone else. I liken it to the game that we played as kids, “telephone”. We get information that is told from the perspective of someone else, not from the direct source. Not only is this assumed information skewed, but in most cases, we believe it to be the truth and react to tainted information. We have to feel justified and know WHY someone is doing something, so we assume we know the answer. Why is it so hard to instead of assuming, ask the person what they mean? Why do we run away from getting clear information from the source?

The worst part about assuming, is that we assume that people view the world in the same way that WE DO. We do not take into account their life experiences, their journey or who/what makes up the person. Moreover, we do not think about the other person’s feelings. That person’s value is immediately taken away the second you make an assumption about them. Lastly, when we do this, we are still left sitting with disinformation.

Next time you would like to know something, ask the person. Communication is key in any relationship. The more you get clear cut information from the source, the stronger that relationship will grow. Get rid of the spiderwebs (assumptions) and  the healthier your relationships will be in the future.

Please don’t stop the Music


For so many of us it is essential to our being and can affect us at our core. It has been the fabric that has designed our lives. Music is the one art form that can bring tears to my eyes and in the next moment fuel me to run a 5K. Music can inspire, motivate, uplift and at some times sadden us. When I listen to a song from my past, I am immediately transcended into that time period and reminisce about my life.

Music can unite people that have different beliefs and traditions. It can bring an understanding and can create a culture, sometimes even a cult-like following (Grateful Dead).

Sometimes I like to get lost in music, especially after a long, hard day. I like to listen to my iPod and lose myself in the voices that are not my own. It is amazing how you can feel after listening to a good song.

One of the most touching gifts I can receive is a playlist or CD  that incorporates songs that are reminiscant of times that I have had with that person. This lets me relive those moments in time, what an excellent and priceless gift. Not only does it remind me how much those times meant to me, but it shows that it did for the other person. It was a synergistic moment that we shared together and can be shared once more when I shut my eyes and let the music and memories flow. For me, it is the greatest gift and also one of the most thoughtful.

It is amazing how music has morphed over the course of its life time. It has grown with the ages and incorporated new genres. I look forward to seeing what it will become during the course of my lifetime.

What does Music mean to you?

The Case of the Rogue Ketchup Packet

The following is a true story of my first day at work.

It was a hot muggy day, a perfect day to wear white. As my co-worker got up to grab a napkin, I could not help but notice the red marks all over her behind on her white pants. I yelled at her and pointed to the broken packet of Ketchup and pointed towards her butt.

No! No! Are you kidding me? You have got to be joking! These are the statements that she kept on saying after she found out. It was like a magic mantra she kept repeating to herself, hoping it would take the faux-bloody mess out of her before Labor Day white pants.

Unfortunately, she had sat in the ONLY spot of ketchup at the park and since it was ninety degrees out, no one had a shirt to tie around her waist. Suddenly, it happened! The kids all noticed it and did not “buy” the story of it being ketchup. Every person that passed her by, would tell her of the “fill in the blank” on the back of her pants and follow it along with grimace.

That was one hell of a way to start off the year and get every kid to know who you are in one fatal swoop. Because life always gives us lessons, the one I take from this is : Always check for rogue ketchup packets before sitting.

“It’s not you… it’s me”


The new movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You”, got me thinking and reflecting on relationships and communication. What have I done that I regret and wish I could do over? And this infamous line came to me instantaneously…

“It’s not you… it’s me”

One of the most well known lines out there in the world. I wonder who was the genius to come up with it.  It is the ultimate cliche and sadly, I have used it several times when they deserved a real answer . This line, is the mother of all lines. It is used in movies, books, basically anywhere and everywhere. Worst of all, when you are a victim of the line, immediately you know that it is a poor excuse and that there are other things going on that you are not privy to know or will ever find out. Of course, there are times when it is true but I going to divulge on the times when it is used due to not wanting to hurt the person’s feelings. There are times in our lives, when we are going through things and are not ready to be in a relationship.

I know why I used it. I was too much of a coward to tell l the person, “hey I am just not into you anymore” or “you really annoy me”. Instead, I used a cliche line that left someone feeling lousy about themselves and nothing to help get over what just happened, getting dumped. I am sure that if I said in some cases, “your breath smells all the time like stale milk”, ” you call too many times in one day”, or “your pants are so tapered you look like a cheese wedge”, then maybe things would be different.

I am not sure why we think that we can use this line and that this will help the person feel better or soften the blow. I think it makes us feel better, we do not need to deal with the reaction of the other person, instead we think we are letting them off “easy”. Really, I mean really, think about it, does using this line soften the blow? Wouldn’t you rather know the truth? Doesn’t the truth set you free?

As I have gotten older and possibly a tad wiser, I have become more direct in the way I communicate with people. Gone are the days where I would just throw a line at someone and  hope that they took the bait. Most people do not like to confront and therefore do not expect it. Personally, I have grown to just be open and honest in my relationships, even if it gets “sticky”. I am a firm believer that if you do not like the way someone is treating you, you should let the person know so that they may be aware of their actions and grow. If you allow someone to treat you in a way that you do not like and do not say a thing, you are silently telling them it’s OK . When you do not point out what is wrong, you are leaving someone in the dark without a flashlight to help themselves get out. This person can not reflect on how they are affecting others. People need to know if they have things to work on, I know I like to know if I have areas to improve. Don’t you? That is how I look at it, we are all here to make improvements on ourselves. When we inform others of how we truly feel about them, it helps them on their journey in life, they can take the information you gave them and do what they like with it.

So, when you say “It’s not you… it’s me”, you are not really letting them down easy, you are really stunting their just personal growth.