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What is the deal???

I just read an article about a woman giving birth on a plane and leaving it behind. No one knew about the delivery! I repeat, NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THE DELIVERY!!! Many things disturbed me about this article and here they are:

  • Did no one have to go to the bathroom and noticed it was “occupied”? I know that when I have to “go”, I always wait and see which one of the two stalls are available to use. Furthermore, I notice when people don’t come out of it. I keep mental note to NOT go into the one that has taken a long time.
  • What did the people in the back of the plane think was going on in there? Personally, I would have thought someone was dying in that stall and would have said something to both the person next to me and the flight attendant.
  • Really, How sanitary is an airplane bathroom? I am thinking of a little club that goes by the name of “Mile High Club” and no I am not a member.
  • Can giving birth cause you to become a mute? Have you ever confused the Hospital delivery ward with a library? It’s been my thought that I would want to die and/or kill someone while giving birth and that yelling vulgarities at anyone within an earshot was a done deal, screaming in general is a given. We have all seen the movies and know someone (I mean how did you get here), have they ever said to you, “Painful, nah, I barely even made a peep”.
  • The woman left her baby behind. Did she think that the baby was just luggage and she would be picking it up at baggage claim? What was she thinking?
  • A little thing called an umbilical cord. How the hell did she get this detached from herself? I could not even bring my nail clipper last time I boarded a plane. What is she the female McGuyver? I mean really, what is the deal?

So those are just some of my thoughts on the issue. What are yours?

Here is the link to the original article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090320/ap_on_re_au_an/as_new_zealand_flight_birth_2